Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 Reading and Blogging Goals

New Year

New Years always seems to bring out the “Best of” lists and the “Goals for Nest Year”, and I thought I would join the fray. I’m not doing a “Best of…” post as most of you know I don’t like rating books Open-mouthed smile but I do want to talk a bit about my plans for 2012.

Mary Cassatt by ricci-art dot net

Although I love challenges because they do just that I have decided to let at least the first 6 months be challenge free. I need a break from pressurized reading, work has been insane in the fall and I doubt it will be less so in the spring. I do however want to challenge myself in my reading so that I don’t fall into my pattern of re-reading and reading new releases from the same authors. Because of this I have decided to make 2012 my year of non-fiction. I will of course be reading fiction as well, I usually read some form of fiction right before bed. But I also want to focus on non-fiction reading. I will be reading on different topics until a topic bores me, and then switch. I will be starting with religion as my first topic. In 2010 I took part in the World Religion Challenge and it wet my appetite so that is what I will start with. My goal is to make my reading 60% non-fiction 40% fiction during the year.


My other reading goal is to utilize my local library more. I have a lovely library in the center of town that has a lot of books and nice staff. It is also easy for me to get to so I really have no excuse. Here I am aiming for a 50/50 split between books on my own shelves and books from the library. This also connects with my next goal: reading more books from my own shelves. I have a lot of books on my shelves that I have never read and I need to remedy that. 

My final goal has to do with blogging. As you may notice the blog has been VERY quiet the last few months. With work being crazy and some health problems I was often to tired to write anything coherent. And, although work probably won’t slow down, I do have a handle on the health problems now. I have so much more energy now and I hope that this will contribute to more writing motivation.

Nordic Challenge

Although I am not taking part in any challenges myself, I am continuing the Nordic Challenge. I have turned this into a more perpetual challenge and anyone is invited to join in. I will primarily be reading books from the library for this challenge so it should fall into the 50/50 split as well.


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