About Me

I come from a long line of bookworms. We have thousands books in our library, despite having this room our books have taken over the house, they are now everywhere. I have a very ecclectic taste in books and am always trying to broaden my reading scope to include new-to-me authors and genres.

The focus of this blog is books. Books and reading in all their shapes and forms. Come in. Pull up a chair. Have some tea and cookies and join me in discussing and reading books.

Review Policy

I currently do not accept unsolicited review books due to a high work load at school/work.

Comment Policy

I love comments, I really do, but not if the comment is really about promoting YOUR blog. If I find your comment interesting or thought provoking, or if you leave a comment about having read the same book I will visit your blog. I won't visit your blog just because you and I do the same weekly meme (I might already have visited your post). Any comment left solely to promote YOUR blog will be deleted.

I have A LOT of blogs in my Google Reader. I try to read all the posts, but right now I am woefully behind, I am trying to catch up. I do read the posts though. I might not always comment because I dislike leaving "great review" comments or comments on a post that is two weeks old (yes that is how behind I am). If I don't feel like I have something substantial to add to the post I probably won't leave a comment. Sometimes I will, especially if you have made me consider a book I might not otherwise have known about. But don't think that just because I don't leave a comment I don't read your comments. Much the same holds true if you leave a comment here. I read and cherish almost every single one (see above for the ones I don't) but if I don't feel like I have anything to add I might not respond. Thank you for reading my blog.

Disclosure Statement

I am a BookDepository Affiliate. Clicking on book links and banners will take you to the BookDepository site (unless otherwise stated). Clicking on the banners gives me a small percentage if you buy something. It won't cost you anything. I have yet to receive anything from this.

The BookDepository

I am an Amazon Associate. If you click on links on books I have read on my Kindle you will contribute to my reading habit :)

Books I review I have either purchased or borrowed (or possibly given as gifts), occasionally I will review a book I have received from the author or publisher, if this is the case I will state so in the review.

Contact Me

E-mail: Zommbie1 [at] gmail [dot] com