Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Sunday Salon: Help Wanted

The Sunday

As many of you know I teach English at a Swedish High School. I am slowly starting to plan out the next academic year and I would love some help from all of you. I need tips on the following types of books:

  • Short stories (classic or modern, if the classics are available in the public domain my principal will love you all)
  • YA books suitable for girls but also for classroom discussion. These books do need to work for boys too, but the class is mainly filled with girls. Many of these girls are reluctant readers, or have problems with English (remember they are ESL students).

I have some ideas of the books I want to teach but I would LOVE some more ideas.

imageImage Credit Carl Larsson, thank you Alexandra for the fabulous Pintrest board

In other reading news January was a great reading month, February sucked. I had real problems settling down with ONE book. I kept picking books up and then putting them down. Not because they were bad but because I just couldn’t focus. I am hoping March will be better.

imageImage by Ilon Wikland

I’ve spent the last few days with my smart, caring, beautiful niece “Madicken”. She is 19 months old now and to my joy ADORES reading. Right now her favourites include the books about Pettson and Findus (Indus as she says) and the Max books. She also loves Pippi, even if she just knows the music right now (She loves to dance).


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