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Book Review: Rapture in Death

Rapture in Death

Rapture in Death by J.D. Robb

Category: Crime Fiction

Challenges: Suspense and Thriller 2010 Challenge, Flashback Challenge

Synopsis: A series of suicides where the victims have nothing in common except a smudge on their brains puzzle New York cop Eve Dallas.

My Thoughts: This book disturbs me a bit. The thought of people being able to manipulate our brainwaves in order to get us to do something is incredibly frightening. Yes music can heighten an experience. Lyrics can give us ideas. But they can in no way be altered to fit individual brain patterns. That is just scary.

Robb continues to tell the story of Eve Dallas and Roark and their sidekicks in this instalment. As per usual there is a great deal of humour and love in it. What I also appreciate in this particular instalment is the philosophical discussion regarding predestination or free will. Personally I fall on the side of Dr. Mira, I believe in free will but it is always interesting to see such debates in books that I always feel are more of the light entertainment variety.

This particular book as little in the variety of character development, it is more of solidifying the characters personalities and relationships. I like the relationship between Eve and Mavis in this one. How do we react when our friends are used against us or for the gain of someone else? It is another interesting aspect.

There are some scenes in this book that are upsetting and might disturb sensitive readers. But then I would say that for this whole series. Think Law and Order: SVU in the future.

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