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4 in 1 Book Review: King of the Murgos; Demon Lord of Karanda; Sorceress of Darshiva; The Seeress of Kell

King of the MurgosDemon-Lord-of-Karanda_thumb

Sorceress of DarshivaThe Seeress of Kell

King of the Murgos by David Eddings

Demon Lord of Karanda by David Eddings

Sorceress of Darshiva by David Eddings

The Seeress of Kell by David Eddings

Publisher: Corgi/Del Ray Books

Category: Fantasy

Synopsis: The age old struggle between the two prophesises is starting to draw to a close. Garion and his companions as well as Zandramas rush towards “The Place Which Is No More”, while dodging the increasing battles in the world. 

My Thoughts: As I said in my review of Guardians of the West for me reading these books is like meeting old friends. I know them well, and I am “in” on their inside jokes. For me reading these books are ultimate comfort reads.

In these books the characters continue the journey that starts at the end of Guardians of the West. Along the way they pick up new companions (most of who we met in some way in The Belgariad). These new companions add new dimensions to the established relationships allowing the characters to grow.

As with all fantasy this is a story about the struggle between good and evil, with all that entails. But the books do make very clear that really good and evil are perhaps not the right terms. At one point in one of the books Belgarath tells Garion that he prefers them and us rather than good or evil, because good and evil comes with baggage. I think this is an interesting philosophical and linguistic debate. What do we put into a word?

It is discussions like this along with the humour that for me make these books I loved in my early teens (I was 10 or 11 when my mum started to read the series to me) and still love today. The offer a little bit for everyone.

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Charlie said...

I'm really wanting to read these books, I read the first series at the start of the year. Glad to hear they're just as good.