Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Quotable Quotes: Rapture Ready II

"At the same time, that "Capture the Rapture" button or Jesus fish Hacky Sack serves as a totem that reinforces the wearer's own faith each time he sees it. And it signifies his membership in a larger tribe of Christians. In this respect, witness wear serves the same function for evangelical teens that Ozzfest shirts do for high school metalheads - it makes them feel that they belong. This function, says Hendershot, is precisely why the consumerist aspect of evangelical culture is integral to its nature, rather than, as many critics have it, a sad irony or hypocrisy. 'To purchase Christian products is to declare one's respectability in a country in which people are most often addressed by mass culture not as citizens but as consumers.' To be a market in America is to matter. This is especially important to the nation's misfit youth" (136)

~Rapture Ready By Daniel Radosh (2008)

This quote captured me because not only do I teach English but I also teach Business Studies, and this point is one I try to make to my students when we study marketing. You must find your market.

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