Thursday, 8 January 2009

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Carrie at Reading to Know is hosting an L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge in January. Anne of Greengables was one of my childhood heroines and even as an adult not a year goes by without me reading one (if not all her books). In fact when I opened my Audible account the first book I downloaded was Anne of Greengables. I also read the Emily series as a child and loved them (but not as much as I loved Anne). As a child my favourite book was that first one, but as I became a teenager my favourites moved to Rilla of Ingleside and Anne of Avonlea. Both books have been read almost to pieces. I do love them so!

This challenge also comes at a very good time since one of the Swedish tv channels are currently showing the tv series (nowhere near as good as the books of course but...) So I shall be enjoying my Anne and Rilla as an antidote to Don Quixote this month.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED Rilla as a teen. Something bout Rilla's own teen angst and the tragedy of her life, I suppose.

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