Friday, 30 January 2009

Winter Wonderland

We had an absolutely gorgeous morning today. Hardly a cloud in the sky and about -8C. The sun gave a golden light to everything.

Really the only point of this post is to show some of the beauty I saw today. So no more writing for a bit just lots of pictures.
The last two pictures were taken yesterday afternoon when the sunset turned the last cloud bank and the trees all bronzygold. Beautiful.

What was interesting was the correlation between the breaking up of the clouds and the drop in temperature. I was studying at the kitchen table right next to the thermometer. When I started around 10am the sky was a pearly grey and the temperature was 0C. By noon the cloud was breaking up and the temperature had dropped to -3C. At three when these pictures were taken it was -5C and by the time the sun had gone down it was -8C.

I have been tracking the temperature during the month of January so on Sunday or Monday I will be posting an entry on the different temperatures and what they have meant weatherwise.


Lorna said...

That is so so pretty. I love your pictures and the pictures painted by your words.
My husband is coming home from Copenhagen today, but I don't think he has seen much snow recently.
I love your choices on your book list. I think I might try Madame Bovary and Crime and Punishment at some point this year. They are such giants in the literary world.

Zee said...

Thank you very much.

We live on the high point in the county. They don't have that much snow in the village and if you go into town there is hardly any snow at all. In part we are lucky because it is beautiful but in part it is a pain. Shovelling snow is not my favourite activity ;)

Most of the list is from The Well-Educated Mind. I've read Madame Bovary before but it is 10 years ago so I am looking forward to it again. They are all books that are referenced in our culture so I really want to make my way through them. I will also be writing up the books we read for my Lit Survey class and my Modern Lit class (starting in March). I will be writing something about Don Quixote over the weekend (I didn't finish it...).

Roxanne said...

I love the pictures!

Roxanne said...

Wonderful pictures! I love seeing snowy landscapes, as long as I'm nice and warm inside. :)

Thomas said...

What beautiful pictures. We don't get enough snow here in DC. And for a Minnesota boy like me that can be kind of depressing.

Zee said...

Thank you! That was a particularly lovely couple of winter days.