Thursday, 5 February 2009

Outdoor Hour Challenge #44: Hare

These pictures have all been taken in our back yard. The show tracks from hares. In Sweden we have two different types of hares, the Forrest hare (Lepus Timdius) and the Field hare (Lepus Europaeus). They are mainly distinguished by the length of their ears. The Forrest hare has shorter ears than the Field hare. In addition the Forrest hares fur becomes lighter in the winter in order to blend with the snow, the Field hare stays the same brown colour. We rarely see the hare around here during the day, but as you can see they most certainly visit us. I am resonably certain that what we have around here is the Forrest hare but the Field hare is making inroads into the whole country which is sad.

The hare's tracks are easy to recongnise because of their distinctive long back tracks and the smaller two front tracks usually one infront of the other.

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