Monday, 16 February 2009

Visitor to my bird feeder

I put up a bird feeder outside of my study window because that is where I spend most of my time so it is the best place for me to see the birds. I was studying today when I heard a rhythmic noise through the wall. I sneaked up to take a look and look who was visiting me!This is a Blåmes or Parus caeruleus a very common bird here. It is mainly found in deciduous forests and in gardens. They are easily recognised by thier blue scalp (which unfortunately I didn't manage to capture with my camera (I didn't want to scare him or her off) ) and the markings around the eyes. Appart from this they look very similar to Talgoxen.

They stay in Sweden year round (as you can see we have A LOT of snow).

They eat a variety of foods both insects and seeds. They are very fond of the type of seed and tallow balls that I have as my birdfeeder.I was really impressed by how many pictures of this bird I managed to get. Most of them have gotten away from me before I have managed to take their picture but this one stuck around for quite some time.


Roxanne said...

I guess your little guest was too hungry to fly away, despite the camera.

It's beautiful where you live, although I think I would get tired of the snow after a while.

I hope you're doing well. :)

Zee said...

Oh I am so sick and tired of the snow you wouldn't believe it. And we got more during the week.

I'm good. Really busy though. Hope all is well with you.