Thursday, 27 May 2010

Armchair BEA: A Bookworms Childhood Memory of a Book Expo


I have a precious memory from when I am 7 or 8. It is precious to me because it is one of the true manifestations of my total and utter book geekiness.

Every year in the city where we lived when I was little, Gothenburgh, they have a Book Expo called Bok och Bibliotek Göteborg Book Fair. One year my grandmother took me to it for the day. I was in heaven. Everywhere I could see there were tables with books. Lots and lots and lots of books.

ArmchairBEA Bok och biblioteksmässan 20100527 Image Credit skrivanet

At that point I didn’t know about freebies, and ARCs and other lovely things that one can acquire at the these types of events. I was just so incredibly excited about the amount of books. Think of all those stories you have yet to experience! All those new characters to meet! The smell of new books (not quite as lovely as the smell of old books but still heady for a small child). I was convinced that this was the most magical place on earth. A place where everything was awesome. I didn’t mind the crowds (I usually do). I didn’t mind the noise or the jostling. I was in my kinda place.

I honestly can’t remember if I got a book that day (in all likelihood I did, my family has never denied me books) but what I do remember is the absolute sense of being in the best place ever. I have wanted to go back ever since but it never seems to work out (we moved shortly after) but this year, this year I WILL be going back. Knowing full well that it wont be the same as then. I honestly think it will be better. More awesome. Just more. Because now I can share that experience with others in a way I couldn’t back then. So look for plenty of posts about this event at the end of September. I have some speakers I really really want to see. So although I am insanely jealous of all those at BEA, I also know that theirs is almost over and I still have mine left to look forward to.

Anyone else going to be in Gothenburgh September 23-27 2010?


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Athira said...

I don't quite remember from my early days, but I do remember that I would salivate whenever I see so many books in one place. And whenever my parents bought me books, I would give it a place of honor and stare at it for a long time with excitement. It's awesome growing up with books!

Brimful Curiosities said...

I always loved the RIF book distribution day at school as a kid. So many choices on the tables.

Tif Sweeney said...

What a great memory!! I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so the best I got was Scholastic book fairs . . . always looked forward to those though!! Have fun in September though!!

Valerie said...

When I was a kid, the only book choices I'd get was either at the library (often), or the occasional treat of being taken to the bookstore to pick out a book. I loved those times!