Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Sunday Salon: Getting Back in the Groove

The Sunday

So the past few weeks have been über busy with finishing up my thesis and starting my summer job. Add to that a big @ss thunderstorm that left us without power, phone and water and I’ve actually got a lot of reading done just not a lot of blogging. That will hopefully change next week. I am insanely busy the next 7 days with work, running races and visiting friends but I do have some post scheduled and some books ALMOST done so hopefully there will be some activity on the blog this week and then loads starting the following week. This is all my way of saying sorry for the radio silence.

Spotlight Series

I don’t have anything much to talk about today but I do want to point you in the direction of something close to my heart. The Spotlight Series is on this coming week and Aarti at B O O K L U S T has a great preview. Head on over there and check it out! I so wish I had take part in this one!

armchairBEA Armchair BEA logo by Puss Reboots

Are you, like me, not able to go to BEA and/or the Book Blogger Convention? If so why not join in the Armchair BEA? This is a great idea born on Twitter and I am sooooo going to join it! For more information head on over to Florinda at The 3 R’s and join in the fun!


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Nymeth said...

I look forward to seeing you posting regularly again, but don't feel bad about the radio silence! We all go through busy periods.

Anonymous said...

I understand being too busy to post regularly too well, as I'm in the situation myself. I am looking forward to reading your upcoming posts :)

Aarti said...

I'm glad you're back, Zee :-) I miss you when you're not posting, but now that I have your email address, I can just email you whenever I feel you're not there! No worries at all about radio silence, of course, and thanks so much for spotlighting the Spotlight Series!