Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Book Review: Room [Audiobook]

RoomRoom by Emma Donoghue

Narrated by: Michal Friedman , Ellen Archer , Suzanne Toren , Robert Petkoff

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Category: Literary fiction

Challenges: GLBT Challenge

Synopsis: Jack lives with Ma in Room. He is five and Room is all he knows. But that is okay because he likes Room. And Ma loves him and he loves Ma. The Man is scary. And his best friend Dora, lives in Tv, which isn’t real.

My Thoughts: I started listening to this last year but then life happened. This should in no way be indicative of how good the book was because it was awesome. I thought the audio production was particularly well done.

Precocious children can be very hard to take in books, and I know some precocious children in real life, but Jack was incredibly well done. His voice is so genuine and his observations about life around him feel very astute. Jack’s world at the start of the book consists of Room where all nouns are proper, the is Bed, Rug and Table and then there is Ma. Ma, who, through a very specific schedule keeps Jack active and her somewhat sane. You see Ma and Jack cannot leave Room. They are locked in by the man who has kidnapped Ma.

I was a bit concerned not only about Jack as a narrator but also when I first heard the audio production because Jack is narrated with a child’s voice. I thought that would be really really annoying, but it isn’t, in fact I think it makes the experience even stronger. Especially in some of the more climactic scenes in the book. You really feel like you are there with Jack.

There is so much about this story and the audio production that are great that it is hard for me to review it. I simply don’t know where to start and what not to spoil.

I know everyone and their dog has already read this but if you haven’t I really really recommend you too and I recommend you even more to LISTEN to it. It was awesome!



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Chinoiseries said...

I have been considering to either read this or listen to it. You have now convinced me to get the audiobook. Incredible, that a child recorded this... Thanks for the review and recommendation!

Zee said...

I'm pretty sure the audiobook narrator isn't a child but rather an adult throwing their voice. But is SOUNDS like a child. Just wanted to clarify

Elizabeth said...

I read this...loved Jack.

Stopping by from Cym Lowell's Book Review Party.

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colleen said...

I completely agree about the narration. I read a review complaining that it was distraction but I felt just the opposite. It made me connect more to the character. He felt more like a child.

I honestly don't know if I would have gotten through the entire book if I hadn't listened to it. Not because it wasn't well written but because of the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

I have been doubting whether to read this or not, but I guess I have to cave at one point and give it a try. I'm not sure I'll try the audio. I'll look if they have it in the library.