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Book Review: Loyalty in Death

Loyalty In Death J.D._RobbLoyalty in Death by J.D. Robb

Publisher: Berkley Books

Category: Crime

Challenges: Mystery and Suspense Challenge, R.I.P. VI

Synopsis: A man is killed by his lover. Should be a fairly easy case to solve, except it becomes clear very soon that it isn’t. There is conspiracy abound and Eve and her gang need to use their smarts to solve this case before thousands more die.

My Thoughts: Not one of my favourite Robbs, despite the fact that we get to meet a family member of one of the major characters, Peabody’s brother Zeke.

Eve is supposed to be a homicide cop, and although this book starts with a murder the investigation is never about the victim. It becomes about the terrorists and the bombing and what I love about Eve is that she stands for the victim and I don’t feel like she does in this book. I also have another problem with one event in this book. I hate it when authors make me care about a character and then kill them off. It really puts me off.

There are of course some highlights in this book, especially the Peabody, McNabb, Eve scenes make me giggle quite a bit. And that is probably one of the saving graces of the book. The mysteries are often formulaic but the interpersonal relationships are very real and very funny. None of the characters are perfect but they are real.


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