Sunday, 4 September 2011

R.I.P. VI Challenge Sign-Up

RIPVI Challenge

Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings is once again running the very popular Readers Imbibing Peril (R.I.P.) Challenge and I am all in! I’ve been saving up some spooky reads for this particular challenge, plus I started reading a new book the other day that fits the bill perfectly. So what are my initial picks (you don’t have to pick a list but you know me, I like listsOpen-mouthed smile).

  • Maybe This Time by Alois Hotschnig is the latest book from one of my favourite publishers Peirene Press. It is out later this month and I can’t read it before bed, too creepy.
  • Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly I read/had my students read an easy reader version of this (don’t shoot me getting those students to read ANYTHING was a victory) and I could tell that there was a good story under the  “easy” version.
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker with all the vampire books/tv shows/movies around these days it seems like a good idea to read this classic.
  • No Name and The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Last year for R.I.P. V last year I read The Woman in White and I was recommended The Moonstone, I figured I might do No Name as well.
  • I am also going to make another attempt at The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe. I didn’t get to it last year and this year I am determined.
  • I’ m also currently on an In Death kick so I might throw some of them into the mix as well. There is a new one (New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb) out in two weeks so that will be read no matter what.

I’m doing




Maybe This Time is a collection of short stories as is The Fall of the House of Usher so in addition to Peril the First I will also do Peril of the Short Story.

By the way, I adore the banners for this year, having seen the Doctor Who episode Blink, stone statues are amongst the most frightening things I know.


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Anonymous said...

If I sign up, I could read Wilkie Collins1 Thanks for the suggestion. I find it a bit funny signing up for this since I'm such a whimp. But the community and the graphic are awesome.

Kailana said...

I think I am backwards. I read The Moonstone first and now want to read The Woman in White. Everyone else seems to read The Woman in White first and then The Moonstone... That's what I have seen on challenge lists anyway. :)

DesLily said...

wow big list!
I read the woman in white and moonstone..both were excellent (that from someone who has barely touched on classics from collins and dickens) If I could find NO Name in a hardback I coul dread it... the paperbacks are very hard for me to read even with my glasses ..I have found some old dickens in hardback but collins in hardback is hard to find!

Anonymous said...

I read The Moonstone last year for RIP V but found it very slow going. This year I only have modern scaries on my list. It feels like a cheat, though. Your list looks much more suited.

Enjoy the challenge!

Kristen M. said...

Fantastic list! I love Frankenstein, The Moonstone and No Name. Poe is always a good choice as well and Dracula is, of course, a classic classic. Enjoy the challenge!

Rikki said...

I will be reading Hotschnig, too, however, not for this challenge, but just so. I have only heard good things about it.

Marg said...

I need to get back to the In Death books!