Sunday, 12 September 2010

TSS: BBAW, the Dewey 24-Hour Read-a-Thon and a Book Fair

The Sunday

School is picking up so I’m not getting as much fun reading in as I would like, and even though I am reading loads I won’t be reviewing my ethics textbooks here thankyouverymuch so reviewing might slow down (it might also speed up because I am making a concerted effort to READ in my free time :D) but I do have some exciting bookish events coming up that I wanted to share with you all!


So starting tomorrow is the start of BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week) and I’m really excited and I’ve got some great posts lined up. Because of this I won’t have any regular review posts up during the week, I know everyone will be busy reading all the fantastic posts for BBAW and I will save any review posts for after the event. But do please check in as I will have some review posts (of sorts) and will be highlighting some great bloggers!


I’m also throwing my hat in for the Dewey 24-hour Read-a-Thon. I won’t be reading for the whole event due to family commitments but I will read as much as I can. I’ve missed the previous two events due to various life things so now I’m going to make some time for me! And READ!!

Bok och bibliotek

Finally I am hoping to have some great posts to share with you in late September-early October about my experiences at Bok & Bibliotek Göteborg Book Fair which is one of the highlights of the year for me. I’ve just about triple booked myself for every hour of the day and really have to start making some hard choices soon but it all looks like so much fun!!


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Iris on Books said...

I'm incredibly jealous of the book fair, as you must know because I keep repeating it. I can't seem to find a hostel though :(

As for the other two events, I'm planning on participating in those as well. They both promise to be so much fun!

Care said...

YOu sound busy but since it's all about books - WOO HOO!! I always wish I could devote the 24 hours to readathon but never quite make it. But it's always a blast.