Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Really Old Classics Challenge: Intro Post


The Really Old Classics Challenge is a really easy challenge to complete. Between today (September 1, 2010) and December 31st, 2010, you have to read one book. Yep you read that right, to complete this challenge all you have to do is read one book. The catch is that it has to be a Really Old Classic, which, for the purpose of this challenge is a book written prior to 1600 AD. I took part in last years challenge (which went into early this year) and I read The Epic of Gilgamesh which I thought was an interesting story but I wasn’t to fond of the translation I read.

This is the challenge I was hinting at yesterday that I was going to join. Part of my goal for this blog is to challenge me to read widely, which is why I try to join challenges that have me reading books I wouldn’t pick up normally. And, although I like classics, I have to admit the Really Old Classics are not ones I pick up often :D.

So what book am I planning to read for this challenge? Well, I was thinking of spending some time with the Ancient Greeks. While sorting through our books while doing our library renovation I found a copy of The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, so I might go with them, but at the same time, after last years issues with translations I don’t want to jump into a book just because I have it on my shelf, so I might do a bit more poking around trying to find other translations. I am looking forward to this challenge!


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Anonymous said...

I think one really old classic is challenging enough, so that sounds about right.

The old Greeks, oh dear! I won't join, but if I did, I'd probably read Icelandic sagas or something related.

Birdie said...

If you haven't read Lysistrata, I recommend that one. Quite amusing!

Ryan G said...

I'm excited that you are joining us on the challenge. I hope you have fun with it and I know we are all excited to see what you pick.