Saturday, 9 October 2010

Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge 1: Back in the Day Children’s Books


This first mini-challenge is hosted by Elizabeth from Miss Wisabus and she asks us to tell about her favourite children’s books. Those books we loved as a child, or discovered as an adult.

I’ve previously talked about my love for anything by Astrid Lindgren. You really can’t go wrong with any of her books. I also love love love Anne of Green Gabels. But I want to talk about one of the authors whom I plan on reading during these 24 hours: Sven Nordqvist. He writes these fantastically funny sweet stories with the most amazing illustrations. And many of his books have been translated into English. They are the kind of books that you can read over and over and over again and never grow tired of, both because the stories are sweet but mostly because the illustrations are incredibly funny and detailed! You see each page has a main illustration but within these illustrations you can find a million more pictures. It is really hard to describe but I really urge anyone to read his books.

I will be reading Pettson Goes Camping later today!


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Anonymous said...

I never knew you loved Astrid Lindgren. And I've been silent about my love for her because.. well.. I didn't want you to feel I have very stereotypical ideas about Sweden. But I love her works!

I guess I need to look for something by Sven Nordqvist now :)

Anonymous said...

(Non)traditional Buddhist readathon blessing:

Just as the books fill the shelves,
Pile together on the floor and stack up on the table
So may the joy of the readathon
Flow forth to brighten your day and lift your spirit.
Books already read, books in progress and books yet to be read.

By the power of every word on the page
May your book be delightful,
As scary as Lovecraft’s Cthulhu
Or as sweet as a box of See’s candy.

Let the power of the images evoked by words
Keep you stay awake long through the night
May no obstacle impede
Your day filled with books.

For all of those who are reading today
Who follow in the path of Dewey
May your day be filled with the four blessings
Of fabulous books, tasty snacks, comfy chairs and joy.

Ronnica said...

Happy reading...keep it up!

gautami tripathy said...

come near me, my dearie
here is your friendly fairy
to hug you
cheer you
so that you don't get jittery

Trish said...

Let's go
Let's go, chip in, it's time to cheer,
It's simple, yell what you hear,
Go Reader Go,
Go Reader Go,
Fire up and scream,
Read Read!

Halfway done!

And I agree about Anne of Green Gables. :) Love.

Cass said...

Don't let the late hour
Make you dour:
Just get up and stretch,
You'll feel the best!