Sunday, 17 October 2010

TSS: Thinking of Hosting a Challenge

The Sunday

So I was sitting here looking at all the challenges being posted for next year and thinking about Iris resolve to read Swedish books and I thought there is a challenge in there. So here is what I’m thinking: A year long challenge to read Nordic authors, I’ll host a link up every quarter, there will be prizes and levels. Anyone interested in this? I’ll put together a resource list of Nordic authors translated into English both adult, YA, children’s etc.

So what would I like to know? Is anyone interested at all in doing something like this?


Now to an explanation of why I never wrote a round up of the Read-a-thon and why I just kinda dropped out of it. It is quite simple really, I woke up on Sunday with a really bad migraine. It had been lurking on Saturday making me feel really stupid and thick. Sort of like trying to read through porridge. It isn’t fun and it meant that I had a hard time focusing. I feel really bad about just giving up but I now know what I need to do for the next one, I shall try again!


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Charlie said...

Don't feel bad about Read-A-Thon, feeling ill wasn't planned after all! I dropped out too in the end, only got 10 mins reading done.

I'd definitely be interested in a Nordic challenge!

Carin B. said...

I would be up to try a Nordic Challenge! I was thinking of trying to read a book from all the countries of the bloggers I follow next year so this would definitely be cool! That and I already have the second book of the Millenium Trilogy so I still need to read that, but I'd like to read more than Larsson. Perhaps some Ibsen or something since I've never read him and lots of "new to me that I haven't yet heard of authors" as well!

Anonymous said...

Ah well, you know I would be up for a challenge like that. I could do my shopping here and read at home ;)

Amy said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Hopefully you have more fun and feel better the next time around. And that challenge sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling quite partial to reading Scandinavian authors (I even have a shelf dedicated to them in my new book case). But I don't want to do any challenges next year.

Then again, I already joined the Steampunk challenge, which will run to October 2011 (so, failed on my resolution already) and I'm bound to read a few Scandinavians even without a challenge.

I like the idea, I like to get to know some new-to-me Nordic authors. So, I'd probably join, it's up my street.

Kerrie said...

I participated in the Scandinavian Reading Challenge earlier this year, and of course there is the 2010 Global Reading Challenge