Monday, 23 May 2011

Armchair BEA: Who are you, and how do you Armchair?


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Welcome to Notes from the North! I’m Zee, I live in Sweden and I work as a high school teacher and I love books. I come from a long line of book lovers. I have always lived in houses filled with books. I read anything I can get my hands on from the back of the cereal box to War & Peace.

I don’t blog in any particular genre. I love too many different books for that. So far this year I have read: classics, sci-fi, YA, short stories, memoirs, mysteries, modern literature, poetry, fantasy. I’ve read paperbacks, hardbacks, e-books and listened to audiobooks. Pinning me down is hard Open-mouthed smile.

I started blogging about books because I realised that I was getting stuck in a rut and I figured blogging was a good way of getting me to broadening my horizons both in genres but primarily in authors (I am a recovering re-reader, although I have seriously fallen off the wagon of late Winking smile), this is the reason why I take part in challenges. As last year was winding to a close I realised that I was not reading a great deal of Scandinavian authors so I created The Nordic Challenge, mostly to challenge myself but also to show others that Scandinavian literature is more than Nordic Crime (although I read that too).

The blog has been rather quiet the past few months, first I was involved with the thesis from hell and then I started my first teaching job which has zapped me of all energy (I have some challenging classes and a long commute). I am hoping things will settle once I move to the town where I will be teaching full time in 30the fall (there will still be some big adjustments as I will be teaching some new subjects). The blog is also not quiet right now as I am currently running a series of posts in honour of turning 30, so please poke around and see if I am featuring any books you like.

That’s pretty much me Smile


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Kristen M. said...

I'm going to try and comment on all of the Armchair BEA posts I read today, to let blog friends new and old know that I've stopped by. I hope you have a great week and I'm enjoying your 30 series!

Teresa said...

I hope that you are enjoying Armchair BEA, I know I am. Your 30 series is a great idea.

christina said...

Have fun this week. The Armchair is fantastic. :)

Susan said...

Oooh, I love houses filled with books. Those are the best kind!

Glad to have found you via Armchair BEA!

pussreboots said...

Happy 30th. Unless I'm ill or traveling (and don't have access to the internet), I post a review each and every day. Come learn more about me and my blog.

The1stdaughter said...

Happy 30th!

Don't you hate how life can get in the way of reading sometimes? Hopefully this coming year will be fantastic for you!

On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers thanks so much for participating! We really are so happy to have you!