Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 08 – Most overrated book


Well here is a topic where I am sure I will piss people off. Also one of the few topics where I knew which book I would talk about straight off the bat: The Catcher in the Rye. I know it is a classic. I know just about everyone reads it in high school. I know people love it (my brother included). But I just. couldn’t. get. into. it.

Catcher in the RyeHolden struck me as a whiny brat.

In no way did the book engage me. I was bored and annoyed.

I should say that I was not a teen when I read this book. I also never finished it. Life is to short for bad books. And this is a book I felt was highly overrated. And I really have nothing else to say on the subject Open-mouthed smile



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Lyndsey said...

I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! I've seriously read this three times, thinking 'I must be missing something'. But I don't think it's me. I just don't think it's any good :)