Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 07 – Most underrated book


Most underrated? Difficult. There are definitely books that I wish that more people would read but I don’t know if this is because they are underrated or because they have been under marketed. I want to highlight a book today that I wish that the publisher was still selling these books. There are some books in some libraries but I want to own them. It is a Swedish series about girl in the late 19th century (the last book covers the changing of the century). Lina i brytningstidThe first book is called Bergsmansgårdens Lina. In it we meet five year old Lina who lives on a farm with her parents. Her maternal grandparents live close by as does several other family members. She also has aunts in America. In the final book Lina i Brytningstid Lina is grown up, engaged (sort of) and about to start school again. The books are historical fiction and shows the changes in Sweden at the turn of the last century. I read them (repeatedly) in my early teens.Lina Läsbarn I also give the books a great deal of credit for my being able to pas the educational history course that I took as part of my MEd. I think that these books are what some educational philosophers would call living books. They tell a fantastic story and happen to be very educational.

I really really want my own copies of these books so if anyone wants to sell them to me, please give me a holler!



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