Friday, 18 September 2009

BBAW: Goals

Today's topic at Book Blogger Appreciation Week is:

Hopefully this week you’ve been visiting a bunch of new book blogs and maybe noticing some things about them you’d like to try yourself. Or maybe you’ve just had some ideas for improvements to your blog you’d like to put into place or new ideas for content. But there’s also probably something you really love about your blog, too, something you’re really proud of. It’s time to show off! Tell us and this is really important, in 50 words or less what you love best about your blog! And then in 50 words or less where you want your blog to be by the next BBAW! Ready? GO!

What am I most proud of?
That's a hard question since I have just started seriously book blogging. I suppose that is what I am most proud of. Taking that first step to share what I love. Putting my thoughts out there.

Goals for the future:
I want to...
...find a layout and background I love (maybe even a personalized one).
...continue to blogg regularly
...entertain and give tips to others
...take part in different challenges
...get a structure to my entries and my weeks and months (I'm playing with this still)


Book Dragon said...

Great goals & I like your background.

I need structure too, memes help with that. Careful with the challenges, it is easy to go overboard! One of my goals next year is fewer challenges, except they were fun, and I'll be HOSTING more next year.... be back later

Book Chick City said...

Yep, that's pretty much how I feel too. It's hard to find *your voice* so to speak when new to blogging. I've only been doing it for 11 weeks and I still haven't really got into the swing of things. I'm sure it will come as it will do with you too. :)

Zee said...

Thanks for liking the background. I do like this one.

Yeah. One of the things I burned out on with this blogg when I started it was that I tried to do to much. That's why I have narrowed the focus to just books. I'll be on the lookout for your challenges :)

Zee said...

Thanks for that. Yeah, still trying to find my voice. Great way of putting it.

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

great goals though I really like your current background ;)

Funny how when you start out you think you can do doesn't take long to figure out you can't do everything & still have time to read, lol.