Saturday, 12 September 2009

Closing of Philadelphia Libraries

This was never supposed to be a political blog. I do that in other places. This was supposed to be a blog about reading and books and learning. Unfortunately these two worlds have crashed together in the most awful way in my American home town. Due to budget issues (and I do not and will not get into why or how or who is to blame for it) there is a chance, a BIG chance, that the Philadelphia Free Library system will have to close down come October 2nd. This would be devastating to a large portion of the community for whom the library is a life line. I know this because during the last few years of my grandmothers life the Chestnut Hill branch was where she got the books that we firmly believe kept her going for many more years than she should have. This woman read at least a book a day. At least. She was the indisputable heart of the family and from whom we have all inherited our love of books. The library kept her alive and for it to close would be a tragedy of epic proportions (sorry getting emotional here). The library has always been my refuge. It was the place where I felt safe. To take that possibility away from the children of Philadelphia (many who have no other safe place to go in the afternoons) would be offensive and inhumane. I don't want money to be taken from any of the other vital services in Philadelphia (the courts would loose all their funding under the so called Plan C alternative, there would be cuts to the police and fire service). I want them to come up with a workable solution that keeps the libraries open and provides for vital services to the citizens of Philadelphia.

If you live in the Philadelphia area here is some information on how to progress.

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