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Book Review: Vengeance in Death [audio book]

vengeance in death

Vengeance in Death by J.D. Robb

Narrated by Susan Ericksen

Category: Crime fiction

Challenges: Thriller and Suspense Challenge

Synopsis: This instalment sees Robb explore one of the supporting cast, Summerset. A man is murdered in a rather gruesome  way and all things point towards Roarke’s majordomo Summerset, especially when the murdered man has connections to Roarke and to Summerset’s dead daughter.

My Thoughts: Vengeance in Death sees the introduction of one of my favourite characters, McNabb, so it has a special place in my heart. I like McNabb’s youthful enthusiasm and his love of all things technology. I am no computer geek myself but both my dad and my brother are so I always find the techgeeks in the In Death series to be particularly endearing.

I also enjoyed finding out more about Summerset and the man he was and is and how he became who is today. It brought up interesting aspects of the relationship between him and Roarke and between him and Eve.

The story also gives us more of Roarke’s back story. We get to see people he knew before he became Roarke. Although it was tinged with sadness it was also funny, I particularly enjoyed meeting Brian. He was funny and sentimental all at once.

This is only the second Robb book I have listened to on audio (the other one is the first book in the series Naked in Death) and I am not sure how I feel about the narrator. Some of the accents are a bit off for me, I found Peabody’s accent in particularly grating. I don’t know what it is really that annoys me about the accent but I guess it just isn’t the voice I have in my head for Peabody. She sounded almost whiney. When I first listened to Naked in Death I had some issues with Roarke’s accent but that seems to have been ironed out now and he sounds “properly” Irish, in the first book she lost the accent to many times. This won’t stop me from downloading more of these books though. I like having them on audio.

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