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Book Review: All Mortal Flesh

all-mortal-flesh All Mortal Flesh by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Category: Crime Fiction

Synopsis: A woman is found dead in the kitchen of the Chief of police in Millers Kill, New York. She is beaten and stabbed until her body is unrecognizable. Suspicion is directed towards her estranged husband, Chief van Alstyne and towards the woman he loves, Reverend Clare Fergusson.

My Thoughts: The previous books in this series all had a social issue as a backdrop of the crime. In this book the social issue takes a bit of a backside in favour of the relationship issues between Clare and Russ and life in a small town where rumour is king (oh how I know this to be true). It does touch upon the issues of young people in small town wanting more opportunity. One of the young police officers in MKPD wants more responsibility and a chance to progress, this is a problem in a small department. This is something that is very real in small towns. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job the prospect of advancement is often small. The older people in the companies or departments have been there for ages and have no desire to move on therefore the chances to move on are slim to none. This is one of the major causes of young people leaving small towns, something that has been a continuing thread throughout the books.

Although this book was very different from the previous ones in the series I really liked it. For me much of what I love about this series is the relationship between Russ and Clare. Although the relationship is definitely in difficulty in this book they still manage to have the banter and work well together. Clare’s natural curiosity with Russ knowledge of the area work very well together.

I am finding it very hard to write this review without revealing to much of what happens. The plot in the book twists and turns and not everything is what it seams. And to reveal one thing might necessitate revealing several other things. I will say I am happy that Clare and Russ made the decision they made, I’m also glad the book ended the way it did.

This was definitely a good edition to the series. I’m just not able to review it very well right now.

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