Friday, 2 July 2010

Book Review: In the Wee Small Hours

In the Wee small hours In the Wee Small Hours by Gil McNeil

Category: Contemporary fiction (Chick-lit)

Synopsis: Annie Baker and her son Charlie and their motley crew of friends, family and co-workers are back. Charlie is even more determined to get a pet, any pet really, although a ferret would be the best. He is also fully a pagan now.

My Thoughts: Have you ever picked up a book thinking you had never read before and then started to realise that you have probably read it? That was the feeling I got when I started reading In the Wee Small Hours. I think I must have read at least parts of it in the bookstore at some point. I don’t know if it was the fact that I recognized it, or if it was something else, but I didn’t love this book as much as I did the first book in the series The Only Boy For Me. Don’t get me wrong, this was a perfectly nice book. It plodded along. Never did I want to stop reading it completely, but I will admit when a more exciting books came around I did drop this one in favour of them.

One of the things I loved about The Only Boy For Me was the humour in it. Although this book is still hysterically funny in places (the scene where Annie’s uncle Monty thinks he has a touch of Alka-selzer, springs to mind), they funny parts were just not as funny this time. And they certainly couldn’t make up for some of the other shortfalls in the book. Take for example the above mentioned Monty, he is never mentioned in the first book but a scene with Mack indicates that he was there in the book, when he wasn’t! These sorts of things just bug me in series and I guess that I find it hard to forgive. There were also other incidents of people or issues who were introduced, but seemed to fill no function what so ever. That is just annoying.

The book is however, as I said, funny and well worth spending a few lazy summer hours with.


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