Sunday, 25 July 2010

TSS: Weekly Geeks 2010-25 Author Picture Quiz and Giveaway

The Sunday

I am going to use my TSS post this week for my Weekly Geek post and my first ever giveaway :D

WG Relaxing_thumb[3]

Weekly Geeks this week is doing an Author Picture Quiz which was one of Dewey’s original ideas. Here is my picture:

Weekly Geek comp

A few hints:

  • It is an author whose book I have reviewed here on the blog in the last 12 months.
  • He is one of my favourite authors.

Prize for the giveaway:

A book valued at €10 or less from

Rules for the giveaway:

  • Open to any location that BookDepository ships to (check here to make sure your country is on the list)
  • Comment in the comment section with your answer.
  • Only one answer per person (multiple answers by the same person will disqualify ALL your answers)
  • Only correct answers will be included in the draw.
  • Entries must be in by July 31st 2010 11:59pm CET
  • I will use to choose a winner.
  • Winner will be announced on August 1st 2010
  • Please include a way for me to contact you in your entry

The catch:

The winner must submit a guest post stating which book they have chosen to receive and why they chose it (nothing long).

ETA: The incredibly helpful Leeswamme pointed out a problem with the comments and entries on this giveaway so currently I have comment moderation on so that you can’t see previous posters comments, just to make it a bit harder :D To those who already entered, don’t worry, I have your comments saved. Thank you all for bearing with me while I learn to navigate the world of giveaways.


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Carin B. said...

It is Jonas Gardell. :)

SariJ said...

Well, I am stumped. I have gone through your blog and still cannot figure out who this is. On the other hand, wow, I went through your blog and was blown away by your past posts and writing. Truly a remarkable blog.
Good luck with the contest. Can't wait to find out who this is.

Kristen M. said...

It's Jonas Gardell, a Swedish author, right? I'm looking at his pictures right now and I love his smile.

I'll enter your contest! I would love to have Nik Perring's Not So Perfect. It's the next book that I want to read in my new discovery of flash fiction and it hasn't been released in the U.S. yet so I need to get it from The Book Depository!

webereading AT gmailDOTcom

How exciting to have your first contest!

leeswammes said...

I'm also going to "guess" Jonas Gardell.

I guess these sort of contests should be done with a form, so we can't see each other's answers.

But who knows, maybe we've got it wrong.....

Anonymous said...

Hi and congratulations for your blog!
The author is Jonas Gardell. As for the book I'd like to receive (if I'm lucky :)), it's "Collected Children's Stories" by Sylvia Plath (Ed. Faber and Faber). Plath is one of my favorite writers/poets and she speaks to my heart, giving shape and words to feelings that cannot easily be named. I'd like to see her style in the more "tender" genre of children's literature (which I love), plus I can't find these stories in my country.