Friday, 21 January 2011

Bloggiesta Winter 2011 Starting Post


Natasha from Maw Books Blog is once again hosting bloggiesta and I have quite a bit to be getting on with.

To Do List

  • Write up template posts for all books planned for the year
  • Organise covers folders
  • Write book basket post
  • Write some rainy day posts
  • Decide and draft 4 weekend cooking posts
  • Comment on all the Nordic Challenge Review Posts that have come in so far
  • Research/write posts for Nordic Challenge
  • Clean up and re-organize GR
  • Write review for Vindication
  • Try and figure out how do make a template post in Live
  • Check out mini-challenges
  • Check over About page and make any necessary challenges
  • Update Book Review page
  • Find and catalogue pictures to use in blogposts
  • Organise my sidebar
  • Organise my lables
  • READ so that I have something to blog about Open-mouthed smile


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Chrisbookarama said...

Good luck!

leeswammes said...

Good list, useful topics. Hope you get a lot done, Zee!

Natalie W said...

That's quite a list! Good luck with it and have fun.

The Book Inn

literarywife said...

Looks like a lot of writing is in store for you. Good luck with your Bloggiesta goals!