Sunday, 9 January 2011

TSS: Bits and Bobs for the Nordic Challenge

The Sunday

Have you ever noticed how once you start thinking about something or reading something new you start seeing connections all over the place? I’m having that with the Nordic Challenge right now and I thought I would share the link love. I will be doing this every so often during the year.

Nordic Challenge 2011

A tonne of reviews for Three Seconds by Roslund and Hellström have popped up in my reader in the last few days. With them have also been a couple of giveaways. There is also an article in the New York Times that might be worth a read.

Reviews from:

Roxelana has a great post up reviewing BBC4s Nordic Noir. There is some great information there about Nordic crime fiction.

For those of you who like (or who want to dip your toe in for the first time) Nordic crime fiction I highly recommend the blog Euro Crime as a great resource.

Zoe at Playing by the Book has had some great posts about Finland lately. They are primarily for families with children but they are well worth a look! I love her blog and if you have children I really recommend poking around as she has some awesome resources and ideas.

If anyone else has more links (things you’ve seen or reviews you’ve written) that fall into the realm of the Nordic Challenge please share in the comments!

In other news: Thesis is DONE, or at least done enough that I can defend it on the 18th. I start my first teaching job tomorrow and I am assuming that I will need some time to get settled into that. I have gotten my reading mojo back though so hopefully I will start writing reviews again. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I’ve managed to choose some chunksters to start the year off, but I am making progress. And I am really enjoying what I am reading.


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Chinoiseries said...

Congratulations on finishing your thesis and your new job :) thanks for linking up these sources, I will take a look. My nordic book orders are on their way and hopefully later this month I can start reading. Really, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the thesis! And on your first job! Are you nervous to start the job? I know I would be, but maybe that is because I know I would be a very bad teacher and you'll probably do great.

Zee said...

@Chinoiseries Thanks! I hope you get the books soon :)

@Iris I am super super super nervous. Only good thing is that I am not actually teaching tomorrow. It is just a registration day for the students and I am meeting with the principal. First class is on Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your first day, Zee. It's nerve wrecking, I know! On my first day as university teacher I had to tell a room of 200 students what I would be teaching them that year (this was at 9am on that first day). I had a note that listed the topics, because I didn't have a clue! It was definitely a flee or fight moment!

Congrats on the thesis. You must be so happy it's finished!