Saturday, 1 January 2011

Nordic Challenge 1st Quarter Reviews (January-March)

Nordic Challenge 2011
So excited to get this started! Here is the post to link your reviews for the first quarter of 2011 (January-March). Please provide a link to the review not just your blog. Entries that just link to the blog will be deleted.
Since I know people who will be joining this challenge read a wide variety of books I have decided to offer 4 different bundles for the winner to choose from:

Classics bundle: Ibsen, Henrik (Norway): Hedda Gabler; Laxness, Halldor  (Iceland): Independent People 

Children's bundle: Björk, Christina (Sweden): Linnea in Monet’s Garden; Jansson, Tove  (Finland): Who Will Comfort Toffle?

Mystery bundle: Sjowall, Maj & Wahloo, Per (Sweden) Roseanna; Holt, Anne (Norway): Blind Goddess

Fiction bundle: Sinisalo, Johanna (Finland): Troll: A Love Story; Oksanen, Sofi (Finland): Purge

Please note that you can pick ONE of the above bundles.

I will draw the winner using one of the first days in April. Please check back in April to see if you have won. I will attempt to contact you directly if you have contact information on your blog. If the winner has not replied back to me by April 30th I will pick a new winner.


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Michelle said...

I messed up!!! I'm going to post twice and put the right one the second time. Sorry!

Zee said...

No worries! I fixed it :D

NancyO said...

I've just entered Man on the Balcony by Sjowall and Wahloo into the challenge. Enjoy.

Bernadette said...

Sorry for links in a row but I had completely forgotten to link to all my earlier reviews (memory is a sieve these days)

Zee said...

No worries Bernadette I often do that myself :)

Stephanie M. Hasty said...

i've read my first book for this challenge! woot!