Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day 16 – Favourite female character


I thought about this one long and hard. I seem to read a lot of books with strong female characters. In my post on Astrid Lindgren I talked about some of the characters that have influenced me: Madicken and Ronja being two of these. Later in this series I will be writing about a character I can relate to the most, that character isn’t necessarily my favourite character (although she rates pretty high up there). Apart from the aforementioned characters that influenced me as a child, the character that influenced me the most and the longest was: the Anne Girl. 


Anne is quirky, funny, loyal, fanciful, courageous, loving, talented and clever. She is everything I wanted to be as a child. Anne and I in a way grew up together. Like Anne I would wander around in the woods finding fairies and dreaming up tales. I wanted to be able to write like Anne. I wanted to be Anne. And my love for the Anne girl has stood the test of time. She is as special to me now as she was when I was younger.

anne of green gables walking


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