Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day 21 – Favourite book from your childhood


I’ve already covered some of my favourite books from my childhood in the posts on Astrid Lindgren and the post about the Anne Girl, that I wanted to feature another book today. A book that I knew by heart when I was about 2: Sagan om den lilla lilla gumman (The Tale of the Little, Little Old Woman)* by Elsa Beskow.

Sagan om den lilla lilla gummanIt is a story about a little old lady who has a cat. The cat jumps up on the table and drinks the lady’s milk and knocks it over. She gets angry and shouts at the cat. The cat runs away and never comes back. Super simple story but it has a very very repetitive story, and I ADORED it for some reason. I think it would drive me insane today, but at age two I thought it was the bees and ees. Open-mouthed smile

*I really dislike the translation of the title into English but since there is a translation I will use it.


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