Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Weekly Geeks: 2010-28 (or is it actually 2009-35: What’s The Plan?)

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This weeks Weekly Geeks asks us to revisit a favorite past Weekly Geek topic or one that you've haven't done before. I chose Week 2009-35 to check in on the progress of my challenges.

I entered 12 challenges this year, my first full year of blogging and so far I have done pretty well.

I have officially finished two (as in I’ve written wrap-up posts):


Childhood Favourites Challenge

Thriller and Suspense Challenge 2010

I have actually finished four more but not written wrap-ups because I either want to see if I can “level up” or because, well I just haven’t :D or because they are such great challenges that I just want to keep adding to the archives.

unbound4smaller Flashback button

woolfbutton GLBT challenge bettyboo_memoir_button

Women Unbound

Flashback Challenge

GLBT Challenge

Memorable Memoirs

I am very close to completing two challenges (I have one book left for each)


South Asian Author Challenge

Terry Pratchett Challenge

And I am nearing completion in two (5 books out of 20 in one and 3-8 out of 10-15 in the other)


2010 Challenge

POC challenge

One challenge will keep going since I didn’t sign up for a particular level, and even if it isn’t a challenge next year I will continue to read in the genre because I have amassed quite a list.

World Religion

World Religion Challenge

I have already failed one challenge and that makes me very sad.

2010 Social Justice Reading Challenge

Social Justice Challenge

I found it hard to finish books on time and I kept forgetting about the steps. I feel like a bad person. :(

Back late last year I made up a master schedule of which books to read when. At the start of the year I followed it pretty well. Then around May it all fell apart when I got a bad case of shiny book syndrome :D Despite that I am well on track to finish all my challenges. I substituted quite a few books, especially in the Thriller and Suspense Challenge and I am really glad I did, it has allowed me to discover some great new-to-me authors, Julia Spencer-Fleming and Dorothy L. Sayers primarily and to take part in both the Classic Circuit and the Spotlight Series. I think taking part in challenges has been great for my reading habits. I am normally a reader of habit. I keep reading the same authors and books over and over again. The challenges have in the main forced me to find new authors and new genres. I will definitely be taking part in several challenges next year as well.


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leeswammes said...

You're doing very well on challenges, finished so many! Well, the fact that you do so many means it's very likely one or two won't actually get completed, even with your best intentions. I wouldn't feel bad about it.

I'm doing very few challenges because the biggest, 2010 is more than enough (read 10 books each from 10 categories). I had these pre-specified but I am substituting some of the time now. It's my way to get rid of some (100!) books on the (virtual) TBR.

Good luck with the rest of the challenges!

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