Friday, 31 December 2010

Santa Came!


I meant to have this post up last week. I took a picture of my present. Then I couldn’t find the cable for my camera. Then when I found my cable I could no longer find my camera. My brain and I are no longer talking to each other. Finally today I found both cable and camera at the same time so now I can tell you what Robyn at The Book Club Blog sent me!

winter 2010-2011 014

Pretty pink wrapping paper!

winter 2010-2011 041

Inside was Three Cups of Tea, some Rooibos tea which is a speciality from Robyn’s home country and chocolate! Thank you so much! The chocolate is half eaten already Open-mouthed smile! I am so pleased to receive Three Cups of Tea because I’ve wanted to read it for ages but I keep not buying it. No idea why.

Overall Santa was very good to me he brought me a book by Mark Levengood and a new cookbook by Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals (look for a review in 2011) but I will say that it looks really interesting. And then Santa brought me an awesome gift, which unfortunately I haven’t been able to put my grubby little hands on yet since it is caught in a mail hellhole somewhere. I got a *drum roll*


I am so super excited about this. Especially since I will in all probability be spending quite a bit of time commuting this coming year. It will make reading for school (which I will also be doing full time in the spring) so much easier. I am currently haunting my mailbox Smile


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Anonymous said...

Oh, you received a Kindle! I remember how we talked about you maybe convincing your dad to buy one :)

I'm so not a blogger said...

So glad you liked your gifts:-) such a pleasure! Look forward to your review on 'Three cups of tea'.

JoV said...

Hope you have lots of fun with the Kindle and Three cups of Tea, Zee. The latter is an inspiring read. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice gifts! Three Cups of Tea is a great book that I enjoyed a lot. I gave it to my mother in law just this Christmas (my copy).

Oh, a Kindle! So nice! I still don't have an ereader so luckily I don't know what I'm missing. Have fun!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Some fantastic books there :)