Thursday, 31 December 2009

Book Review: Glory in Death

Glory in death

Glory in Death by J.D. Robb

Category: Crime fiction

Synopsis: Someone murders high powered prosecutor Cecily Towers and Eve Dallas has to figure out who, while negotiating a new relationship of her own. Life isn’t easy in 2058. And when the investigation turns towards the family of the deceased it gets even more complicated. Book two in the In Death series. 

My Thoughts: I’ve more or less decided to only do mini-reviews for the re-reads of the In Death books because I find it difficult to review the books when I know what will be happening next and when I have read them so many times so here goes…

This book introduces further characters that will become important to the future books but does so in a way that the reader cannot immediately tag them as such. I like this, it adds a deal of realism to the story. We don’t always know who will play an important role in our lives.

As with any cozy murder mystery (oxymoron anyone?) this story follows a predictable pattern but my heart still beats a little faster at the dramatic conclusion even though I know how it ends.  

I also really enjoy the development of the relationship between Eve and Roark. The negotiating between what is my life and what is your life and how do we merge the two feels supremely real. Anyone who has done this will recognize the pitfalls that come with trying to merge two lives, although most people probably don’t have crazed killers after them while doing it, still…

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