Monday, 20 December 2010

Challenge Sign-Up Post: GLBT Challenge

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The GLBT Challenge aims to raise awareness of GLBT books, authors and issues. I participated this year and intend to do so next year as well. I am aiming to read at least on GLBT book per quarter so that is 4 books. I would love it if I could squeeze in more. I have a few books planned but might add more. The ones I have planned are ones that overlap with other challenges.

Ett ufo gör entree and Om Jesus by Jonas Gardell. I read En komikers uppväxt which goes before Ett ufo gör entree and is a semi-autobiographical book. Om Jesus is Gardell’s book about the New Testament. I am currently reading Om Gud which is about the Old Testament. In Om Gud Gardell looks at different topics of the OT and talks about his interpretations of the different stories. He also puts them in a historical perspective and talks about how he sees the Bible as being useful today. I am finding it very interesting.

Frukta inte by Anne Holt. This is a mystery book and the 4th in the series. I own this book but will probably try and read the preceding books as well. Holt is the former Minister for Justice in Norway. This book drew my interest because it has a female protagonist as well as female victims. I am interested in seeing how it plays out. It is included in this challenge because Holt is a lesbian.

A Room of One’s Own this is one of the books for the Year of Feminist Classics and one I have wanted to read for quite some time as it deals with creating a female language, something I find fascinating. I am also really looking forward to discussing it with the other participants in the reading group.


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