Monday, 9 November 2009

Book Review: Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation

Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation: Super Special #2 by Ann M. Martin

Category: Children (pre-teen)

Synopsis: The girls (and one boy) from the Baby-Sitters Club and several of their young charges head off to Camp Mohawk for two weeks. However the girls soon find out that camp is a lot more than they thought. When they leave they have learned lots about life and love and what you should do when lost in the woods.

My Thoughts: I read this book for The Baby Sitters Club Blog Tour that My Friend Amy is hosting. I always liked the super specials because it allowed me to see the same events through the eyes of several of the girls. And although it has been almost 20 years since last I read this book I still enjoyed the different perspectives. I liked that through the eyes of the different girls different problems were addressed. Several of the girls face not quite fitting in and they solve this in different ways. Now I can appreciate that the book gives young girls several strategies. I also liked that the girls rarely seemed to spend time with each other instead they had to rely on themselves. That might sound strange for a story about friends but I think it is important that they made new friends while still being important to each other.

Amazon has this book marketed to 9-12 year olds and I think that might be about right, although I was ten when I read it the first time and I can remember being a bit put off by all the talk of make up. Wasn't really my scene then (although it really still isn't. My idea of a lot of make-up is adding eye shadow to the mascara :D)

Overall I enjoyed the few hours I spent with this book. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.


Paperback Reader said...

I have a warm fuzzy feeling remembering! I loved the Super Special series and reread this one over and over again.

You have given a wonderful insight into what good role models the girls were in their independence. Perhaps I loved them so much because I too required strategies for fitting in whilst retaining my own personality, which is what they all managed to do.

Bella said...

Oh yes I have such a warm and fuzzy feeling with this series. I think BSC was a staple of my childhood reading :)

Katie said...

I loved this one! I dragged it with me every summer I went to camp, just in case I got lost in the woods and forgot what to do. ;D

Ali said...

Wow, this takes me back. I loved the Super Specials because the girls always went on some interesting adventure to some place I'd never been.

When I read them, I never really thought about the characters as role models (of course.) This really makes me want to revisit these books with an adult perspective.

Debbie's World of Books said...

I loved this series. These vacation ones were especially fun. I really enjoyed the BSC book I am reviewing on Thursday.